Campbell Students create a "Thank You" for

To Hadi Partovi and all those at,

From all of us here at Campbell Elementary school wanted to say, “Thank You!” For one reason or another, you took notice of what these amazing little minds where up to and blessed us with $10,000 in new computer science resources. Thank you!

Because of the initiative to get computer science in more classrooms, we now have 27 iPads in 27 classrooms, in the hands of 27 teachers who didn’t already have one. Additionally, my computer lab has seen the addition of new goodies, including MakeyMakeys, KanoKits, Raspberry Pis, and some friendly looking robots named Dash and Dot.

More than just dollars, you have provided our school and students with opportunities. The possibilities you have given through this gift are incalculable. We already have kids creating games, learning code and minds excited to be working and programing with the new computer science materials. You are growing creative minds, programmers, engineers and impacting many lives within our pocket of the Lincoln community.

Your generosity has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. We took a little break from our everyday explorations to create a video to say thank you for all you’ve done and all the good you have brought about. Thank you for your vision, thank you for your cause, and thank you for this hope.

With gratitude, appreciation and excitement for what is to come,

Jason Wilmot and all the good little souls here at Campbell Elementary School