4th Grade Fire Maze

This week I had two fourth graders create something I just had to share. Kids can create almost anything with Minecraft and because of that I end up seeing crazy-original ideas everyday in my classroom. This Fire Maze is a prime example. Two boys created a maze and tested the difficulty before letting their friends play it. Throw in some fire for dramatic flair and you see why kids love learning with Minecraft.


Minecraft has a whole bucket load of features that attract all styles of play. Some kids build castles while others would prefer puzzles. Some kids would rather engineer contraptions while others devise mazes. Anyway you look at it, the more I use Minecraft the more I can see student creativity. These kids are showing just how unique and individual the creative process can be. They imagine a concept, come in with a plan and manifest amazing things like this maze.

The Fire Maze Race – created by Chris and Hamzah

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