Flipped Classrooms. Example Letter to Parents (from my 4th grade classroom)

Below is the permission letter I sent home to parents in my school. Feel free to change what you need in order to personalize it for your classroom!

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Homework, as you know it, is gone!

In 4th grade we’re looking into something new, something fresh, something on the horizon of the educational world!

The world around us filled with technology. So, why aren’t we doing all we can to utilize this technology in school? Well, in room X, we’re looking to change things up a bit. That’s why we’re here to announce that we are flipping the classroom. Homework, as we’ve all gotten used to it, will no longer be a recall of what was discussed in the classroom. So what is this flipping you say?

This is the major change. Each night, I will send out a tweet with a link to a math video online. This video online will discuss the concept that we will be learning the next day in school. Students will watch the video sometime at home and come ready to discuss what they’ve learned the night before. Cognitively speaking, this will take students from the lowest form of thinking (basic recall) and engage them in the highest form of learning (creativity).

If you feel your blood pressure rising now, don’t fret. All over the nation, education is changing and many studies have found that flipping the classroom has drastically increased student learning. Now, I’m not guaranteeing that this will be easy, but I can ensure your child will get more out of education through this different way to approach math. There will probably be obstacles along the way and a few new struggles that we’ll both need to tackle.

Again, this may not be a walk in the park, but I’m asking you to join me. This is new for you; this is new for me. I’m asking you to be vulnerable with me, and help me along the way.

One more thing. We understand not all kids have internet access readily available to them. We are asking you to help solve this problem. Find someone with internet access, a smart phone, the local library or somewhere else. Your child will only need access for around 5-10 minutes each night. If you’re at your wit’s end on finding access, let me know and we’ll figure something out.

Here’s the best part about flipping the classroom. You, the parent, are involved. You know your child better than anyone. You are their biggest fan. They look up to you more than anyone. Learning about life happens everywhere, not just at school. You can encourage this new learning at home.

On the back of this page is the step by step process of what this “flipping the classroom” looks like.

So, what are we signing up for? What will this look like? Let’s take a look at the steps (there are only 5!) below.

1. You’ll need access to twitter or our twitter webpage.
A. If you have Twitter. Follow me at @MrJasonWilmot
B. If you don’t have Twitter (or don’t want it). You’ll need to have your child visit this page each night: Twitter.com/MrJasonWilmot- Bookmark it to make it easy.

2. I will tweet out a link each night. Your child will need to watch the video about what they’ll be discussing the next day in school. They’ll need to come ready!

3. Each video will contain a lesson objective. In other words, something your child needs to know. Their job is to watch the video, answer 1 question from me and create 1 example problem of what they learned and how to work the problem. They’ll need to bring this to school the following day. This, in essence, is their “homework.”

4. That’s it! Your part is over!

5. When they bring their 2 problems (created and solved with work shown) to school, we’ll discuss what they’ve learned, address misconceptions, and further build upon this foundation.

Lastly, Thank you! I know sometimes change can be difficult to become accustomed to. Nevertheless, thank you for venturing somewhere out of the norm. Fight for this! You can be sure that five years from now, this will be normal. But for now, let’s get a jump on it. Will you join me? Let’s try something new and exciting. If you have any questions, feel free to call or email.
With excitement for what could be,

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___________________________________________________________(Child’s Name)

Please check one of the following below.

_____ Yes, I do have internet access at home/on my smart phone.

_____ I will need assistance finding internet access for my child.