I am a teacher, blogger, author, traveler and an all around believer in good. I was a classroom teacher for six years a K-5 Computer Science ninja for two. I am the co-founder of CATAPULT and currently head up Teacher Activation for Creatubbles.  

I am an Apple Distinguished Educator (Class of 2015), a $10,000 recipient from Code.org, a founding board member of The Bay and try to be an overall good neighbor. I have traveled the world, met beautiful people, and know we are far more alike than we are different.

I am married to a talented and gorgeous lady who has made everything about life better. Especially breakfast. I like my job. I like to bike. I like to make music.

I hold masters degrees in Educational Leadership and in Historical Studies, and a bachelor's in Education & Human Sciences. Yet, I'm keen enough to know that deeds and actions trump a resumé any day.

I make an effort to write about the things I care about. I believe in questioning everything (especially myself). I believe in beauty, humanity and sometimes even science. I believe that things are getting better and that good ideas, will ultimately win out.